Watch out world, here comes Paris! Hilton finally ended her stay in the slammer by struttin’ out of Lynwood like she was walking the runway last night, amidst about a billion flashbulbs and camera crews documenting this momentous occasion as if she were Nelson Mandela. Paris, fresh faced and without any makeup (or her bright blue contacts) looked happy and actually kind of coy, but ran to her mother Kathy and gave her a giant hug when she spotted her waiting in their vehicle.

Talk about a tender mother-daughter moment (and perfecto photo-op!). Wearing ankle length denim (like Paris’ favorite, J Brand’s 10 Inch Ankle Jeans) with a white cami and short-sleeved green blazer, many people are saying that Paris looks so much better without tons of makeup, and I must say- I have to agree! The whole time, Paris looked genuinely ecstatic that she was finally a free woman again, and if any of the things she said in jail (to Ryan Seacrest and Barbara Walters, for example) are true, I think she is definitely going to not take for granted any of the luxuries in her life from now on. One thing is for sure, I am definitely anxious to see what Paris does now that she has a new lease on life!


Paris Hilton seen in Lynwood, Ca on Jun 26 2007.

Fina Estampa
Photographer: Andre Schirilo

Kari Wuhrer

Monday, June 25, 2007 |

For those innocents reading this, hoping to fully understand these three new posters for Good Luck Chuck, let me explain a few commonly held notions about sexual imagery.

1. Practically anything remotely dowel shaped can be thought of as a penis. If said phallus drips a white fluid and is licked, the imagery is heightened, even if the object barely resembles the shape of a penis whatsoever.

2. If a guy is shirtless and smiling, and you can see a head peeking out from his crotch, that man is almost certainly receiving oral sex.

3. I guess if you put a hole in a grapefruit, you can have sex with it? This one kind of lost me.

These descriptions will make more sense if you look at the other posters, under the cut.

Rachel Bilson - Jack Chuck Photoshoot For InStyle -MV

Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller was spotted in a bikini for some random photo shoot on the beach. And in case you're wondering, Marisa Miller in a bikini is 100% the absolute most important news ever. The moon landing? Yeah, that was pretty important I guess, but compared to this it might as well have been about the time I had cereal for breakfast.

Paola Perego

Sunday, June 24, 2007 |

Jorja Fox - Andrew Southam Photoshoot -MV

Saturday, June 23, 2007 |

Well, I've got to hand it to Lindsay Lohan. She's really making the most of her newly extended stay in rehab. I'm sure that biking around the beach in a bikini is one of the Promises Center's keys to getting their patients through their drug and alcohol dependence. I mean, who doesn't agree that three-wheel bikes are the cornerstone of recovery.

Now, I haven't been to rehab myself, but I'm pretty sure that an important part of going to rehab is actually going to rehab, not going to the beach. Problem is, rehab is all secluded and shuttered away, and no matter how much you parade around half naked, it's really hard for those paparazzi to take clear pictures of you in a bikini.

The beach, on the other hand, is really good for that. Oh, and Lindsay, stop trying to "hide" behind that hat. We'd recognize those breats anywhere.

Natalia Paris

Friday, June 22, 2007 |